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ColorSounds enable immediate recognition and cross referencing for accurate retrieval of information. Via a verbal learning system of recall and response that we call See It!, Hear It!, File It Away! This also applies to the application of all the components of The Groove that make up a musical statement.

JAMBOREE is the brain child of the Co Founder of Souler Energy Inc., the legendary two-time Grammy Award winning bassist, Jerry Jemmott.   Intertwining the power of music, art, education and technology for a common future and a more sustainable course for saving the planet, we can make it happen.

Enjoy these moments in a world of ColorSound Music in this interactive forum, only available through modern technology.

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Carl Franklin writing code for JAMBOREE!

The new ColorSounds of JAMBOREE reflect the total environment of life on Mother Earth and will open up cross-referenced pathways of brain activity that will enable you to get to the next level of any endeavor.

See It! Hear It! File It Away!

The 12 ColorSounds of JAMBOREE™ that appear and sound in their deepest/darkest hues of black up through their highest/lightest tones of white in 10 octaves/registers with HTML color code and MIDI equivalent.

Discover the Art & Skill of problem solving and the joy of Musical Composition with JAMBOREE™ ColorSoundMusicSystem® app on your favorite device that will facilitate Interactive Learning and Global Participation.

Converting Digital Images into Musical Tones to create “Music From Pictures” is an entertaining way to enter into the world of ColorSoundMusic. Touch the image and hear the tones of its ColorSoundMusic key, or play your music and see what images are in its ColorSoundMusic key.

JAMBOREE™ is also a Video Game to stimulate the cognitive abilities of people of all ages, and those subject to, or suffering from dementia with the retentive effect that only the cross referencing of sight, sound and speech can have.

Many parents and teachers take advantage of the educational value that the “edutainment” genre of video games provides. Edutainment games embed typical core studies into video games for kids, so they can hone in on math, science and other skills while playing.

It has been said that no education is complete without the Arts, which express our innate creativity; and music is the envy of all the Arts.

Sixty percent of the 273.5 million video games sold last year, were rated “Early Childhood (EC),” “Everyone (E)” and “Everyone 10+ (E10+).”

As an Ergonomics design tool, JAMBOREE™ ColorSoundMusicSystem® offers an exciting pathway to creation. Discover the ColorSound key of your environment and the music associated with it. With JAMBOREE™ you have the opportunity to invest on the ground level of a video game and learning system that will compete in the Interactive Entertainment Digital market, an industry that has been projected to reach $100 Billion a year by 2022. For investment opportunities:  The JAMBOREE™ Software Development is a key component in the sustainability of Souler Energy.

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