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Respect For All Life On Planet Earth
Respect For All Life On Planet Earth

Our Vision

Souler Energy is a nonprofit corporation employing the voice of music, art, education and technology to deliver our global message of unity through diversity. Our objective is to produce and showcase solutions that are both inventive and preventive; to improve the condition and survivability of Mother Earth's inhabitants. We see a clear strategy to get the world back on a healthy course using simple tools that mimic nature’s sense of time and encourage the intrinsic human impulse to make progress and share.

Souler Energy will present live and recorded Entertainment and Edutainment consisting of broadcast content, streaming live events, and music workshops. Each workshop will feature our ColorSound learning system, which we created as an alternative and/or supplement to the lack of music education in many schools. ColorSound is engaging and beneficial for both children and adults, regardless of musical experience. 


We have jumped into the 21st century with astounding technological advances.  However, our evolution as a harmonious race of individuals has made several wrong turns. Souler Energy is setting a new course to steer us back on track, towards a more harmonious evolution. This path respects nature, and recognizes that the human race is part of the web of life, and we cannot continue disrupting the delicate balance.  We are already feeling the consequences.  The decisions we make will determine not only our own survival, but also all other life on earth, that supports us.

Despite delusion, corruption, oppression and years of ongoing wars, we feel society’s true fabric is one of kindness and purity. Unity found through adversity and diversity is what fosters mutual respect and a deeper understanding of our differences as a people. Displaying our commonalities through spiritual, ethnic and cultural traditions will mark the beginning of our journey.

Cooperation among the haves and the have-nots in every nation is only possible through recognition of our universal commons: air, water, food, shelter, and happiness. Instead of being separated by our differences, we intend to unite all nations and races through our cultural uniqueness.

We will deliver our message upon request and free of charge when possible, at suitable locations provided by the host.


Join in!  We’re all connected any way!



Souler Energy:

Promoting Cultural Diversity, Unity and Gratitude through music, art, education and technology.


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