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Respect For All Life On Planet Earth
Respect For All Life On Planet Earth


"JAMBOREE is the brain child of the Co Founder of Souler Energy Inc., the legendary, two-time Grammy Award winning bassist, Jerry Jemmott and is taught by him and his talented team of Performing Clinicians.


Experience our ColorSound learning system, envisioned by Drummer/Actor, Herb Lovelle, that we created, as an alternative and/or supplement to the lack of music education in many schools. Regardless of musical experience, ColorSound is engaging and beneficial for both children and adults.  The highly anticipated JAMBOREE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT will enhance the experience.


You too will have an opportunity to Demonstrate, what they Reveal and Explain. Enjoy these moments as you reap the benefits of the world of ColorSound music in this interactive forum as part of the ongoing Research and Development of the Music Learning Software.

Intertwining the power of music, art, education and technology for a common future and a more sustainable course for saving the planet, we can make it happen.

This presentation is part of our organizations mission to give back what you, our fans and the industry, have given to us. We are committed to this mission and we strongly believe that our programs and products will Empower, Inspire and Educate people from all walks of life.


A Four Part Sixty Minute JAMBOREE LIVE Experience will be streamed live from selected local events to a Global Audience of participants."


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